Our Services

Strategic Financial Planning: MWM’s approach to preserving and expanding wealth is a blend of financial strategy, investment philosophy, and risk management. Through careful research and by drawing on past experience, we help you achieve your personal financial goals. We protect our clients’ investments, increase liquidity, and diversify portfolios – all with the goal of reducing investment risk. With our unique set of strategies and solutions, MWM is the first step to take to ensure your family’s financial future.

Independent Investment Advising: MWM delivers an open architecture platform – the most unbiased platform in the industry. Today, most money managers, brokers, and bankers make a commission when they invest your assets into one of the options included in their already-established platform. In short, investment decisions are limited and not made objectively. MWM takes a different approach. We offer objectivity and fee-only wealth management services; and we never lose sight of our client’s best interest.

Exclusive Personalized Services: At MWM, we are more than wealth managers – we are also financial problem solvers. We listen, ask focused questions, conduct careful research, and explore extensive options. We assess your financial history, identify goals and areas where you need assistance, determine your appropriate level of risk, and then define and implement a personalized financial plan. And, with one phone call, you always receive immediate assistance with all aspects of your financial life.


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